Getting a new kitchen installed, is for most, a major upgrade to your home and a long-term investment. In this article we offer you some more advice on what to consider.

Try not to be rushed when assessing all the needs and special features you would like to include. Any mistakes at the planning stage may not be easily fixed after the work is finished and could be costly to put right as well as being a bit of a headache.


So many questions

  • How do I know what type of kitchen will really be perfect for my needs?So many questions
  • What style of kitchen should I go for that I’m not tired of looking at in a few years?
  • How do I know I really am getting value for money?
  • Will the installer really be that good and considerate?
  • Will I be living out of boxes while the work goes on and on?
  • I heard about the kitchen work triangle .. What’s that?

Yikes…..It’s all too much!!!


The Good NewsGood news

The good news is, the whole journey can and should be an exciting one .While people don’t always know what they want, most people definitely know what they don’t like ….This is great, as now you can begin the process of elimination. So put on the kettle.


Your checklist template

Here are a few ideas to consider:make a list

  • Write a wish list of things you would love to have in your kitchen.
  • Think about the things you don’t like about your existing kitchen.
  • Appliances are a massive part of a kitchens design and function, so having a list of those which must be included is very helpful when considering your options.
  • Familiarise yourself with some of the basic kitchen shapes and styles.
  • Consider your budget…..That dreamy granite might just be an option.
  • While it’s not essential, having the room roughly measured out is always a great help, as it will get things moving even faster.
  • You don’t want to leave anything out so write a list of all your own ideas and questions at this early stage.
  • Now the most important part……..Your designer…You have to go with your gut when choosing your designer, but finding a good designer who you can communicate well with, will prove invaluable. A good designer will be service driven, not sales driven.

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The kitchen ideas checklist to help avoid costly errors